What We Do

We provide financial support and strategic guidance, and selectively serve on boards to the following initiatives and organizations that advance human flourishing.

We actively seek like-minded partners. Join us in co-authoring a compelling narrative of human well-being.

Our Mission

Transforming communities, one leader at a time.

momenta Bimbel Scholarship

The momenta Bimbel Scholarship provides full university tuition to promising high school graduates from underprivileged backgrounds as a transformative gateway to a brighter future. The program adopts a multifaceted approach, extending beyond fostering academic excellence. Our scholars also assume roles as tutors and mentors to young students in their communities. We firmly believe that our scholars are not just recipients of support but are also future trailblazers of positive societal change. Moreover, our scholars are provided with paid internships at our leadership training institute. This unique opportunity provides them real-world experiences, essential life skills, and the refinement of their leadership capabilities.

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Fostering Future Leaders

Children-to-Love International

Children-to-Love International is focused on meeting the needs of the suffering children through education, spiritual teaching, economic support, physical assistance, and social intervention. Countries that we focus on are Romania, India, Uganda, Ukraine, and Thailand.

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Uplifting Vulnerable Children

The Boys' Brigade is a youth uniformed organization that seeks to nurture youths, based on Christian values, to serve and lead. Through various programs and meaningful activities, and with volunteer adult leaders as role models 
and mentors, members learn important values and build character.

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Empowering Young Men

The Boys' Brigade

Eagle Venture Fund specializes in social Impact investing, financially and strategically backing bold entrepreneurs who are forging human flourishing.

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Fueling Impact Entrepreneurs

Eagle Venture Fund

Transformative Business Network is an interfaith platform uniting like-minded leaders in ASEAN, dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs for social impact 
and poverty alleviation in Southeast Asia, with a vision to combat poverty through enterprise.

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Transformative Business Network

Empowering Social Entrepreneurs

Kingdom Ecosystems is a mission-driven organization empowering frontline impact leaders to scale their missions. We are creating ecosystems where diverse leaders collaborate to improve lives. We work closely with these leaders, designing and executing projects that tackle society's most pressing challenges, providing tools and research to maximize impact.

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Equipping Impact Trailblazers

Kingdom Ecosystems

The Christian Economic Forum is a global community of senior business leaders advancing biblically-based economics and entrepreneurship. CEF cultivates an ecosystem that encourages partnerships and initiatives aligned with biblical values, emphasizing compassion, justice, stewardship, and the sharing and implementing global best practices.

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The Christian Economic Forum

Advancing Kingdom Economics

TrustBridge Global is one of the largest donor-advised fund networks globally. Over 600 charities are members, and US$ 300m+ in grants have been made.

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Fostering Global Generosity

TrustBridge Global

Generosity Path is a movement dedicated to realizing God's Kingdom by inspiring individuals to embrace generosity. We achieve this through our meticulously designed "Journey of Generosity," a straightforward and interactive workshop fostering discussions about faith, life, and finances. Rest assured, we will never solicit funds at our workshops, ensuring you remain in control. We believe in the transformative potential of this approach, leading to positive and impactful changes in churches, communities, nations, and worldwide.

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Generosity Path

Nurturing Generosity Culture

Church World Service is an international charity with a singular mission: building a world where there is enough for all. Our efforts are centered on three key areas: eradicating hunger and poverty, facilitating refugee resettlement, and providing disaster relief. With over 75 years of dedicated service, we firmly believe in the feasibility of our vision. The global CWS family unites across borders and boundaries, working together as one powerful force for positive change.

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Church World Service

Creating Abundance Together

HAND International is a non-profit dedicated to disaster relief, trauma care, medical missions, English-language training, and seeding social enterprises for community transformation.

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Catalyzing Community Transformation

HAND International

Charity: Water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe water to people around the world. 703 million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water. We’re on a mission to change that. We believe that sustainable work is locally-led. Along with implementing community-owned water projects, our local partners help facilitate comprehensive water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programming to protect everyone’s long-term health. The organization has funded 137,000 water projects in 29 countries.

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Delivering Clean Water

Charity: Water

CWS Incubation Hub’s mandate is to investigate, explore, and experiment with innovation initiatives, designing and implementing ground-breaking new projects, facilitating collaborative partnerships, and testing out new solutions to complex and deep-rooted socio-economic challenges. A part of Church World Service.

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Pioneering Innovation Solutions

CWS Incubation Hub

Zukuka Bora Coffee is a social impact business focused on introducing new farming cultivation technology and techniques to improve crop yields. This program not only enhances the livelihoods of local farmers but also contributes to sustainable agricultural practices.

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Elevating Crop Yields

Zukuka Bora Coffee

Awaken Generation is a worship and missions organization dedicated to empowering and equipping the next generation of worship leaders, musicians, artists, and leaders.

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Awaken Generation

Enriching Lives Musically

St. Peter's Hall is the home for training church leaders in the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. There are five schools: School of Anglicanism, School of Pastoral Ministry, School of Leadership, School of Missions & Church Growth, and School of Biblical Studties. Academic tracks and practical workshops equip clergy and lay leaders with the mindset, skill, knowledge and spiritual growth they need to serve their congregations well. The mission isn't just about education; it's about nurturing leaders who can inspire and guide their congregations while strengthening their ties to faith and community.

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Equipping Church Leaders

St. Peter's Hall

Cross + Crown Church, a vibrant congregation rooted in the heart of Seattle, is passionately dedicated to the vital mission of church planting. We are honored to join hands in this remarkable journey, offering both prayerful intercession and financial contributions. Together, we embark on this inspiring mission to cultivate and nurture new faith communities, fostering spiritual growth and enriching lives through the establishment of new churches, spreading the message of hope, faith, and love.

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Planting New Churches

Cross + Crown Church

World Outreach is a missions agency dedicated to reaching unreached populations through community development, humanitarian assistance, and church planting.

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Reaching Unreached Communities

World Outreach

CRU Singapore is a community that exists to see people reach their potential in life by connecting them to Christ. We are committed to missions, evangelism, and discipleship.

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Connecting People to Christ

CRU Singapore

At HOPE International, we invest in the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities as we proclaim and live the Gospel.

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Holistic Approach in Fighting Poverty

Hope International

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